Making time for regular drainage maintenance can save big trouble

Keeping on top of drainage maintenance for your property is one way to easily prevent little problems from escalating into big problems.

Sewerage and household waste

The first drainage issue to take care of is the water and waste from the inside of your property.

Are you starting to notice water draining a bit more slowly? Getting bad smells? Bubbling in the toilet when you use the shower or drain away the bath water?

These are all classic signs of blocked drains. Getting a plumber in to take a look and clear any obstructions when you first notice problems means you won’t end up with a blocked toilet in the middle of a long weekend. Spending a bit of money earlier on maintenance can save you a lot of money and stress organising an out-of-hours emergency call-out.

One of the most common causes of blocked drains in Sydney is tree roots breaking through terracotta pipes. Waste matter, like toilet paper combined with fat deposits, get caught up in the roots, obstructing water flow. If your property is regularly having problems with blocked pipes, it may be worth investigating replacing old pipework with modern PVC pipes. Depending on property access, the cost can be surprisingly affordable and can save you time and money in the long run.

Rainwater drainage

Of course, the other drainage problem to consider is water from outside of your house. Now Sydney might have the reputation as being warm and sunny, but did you know we actually have a higher annual rainfall than London?

When Sydney gets rain, it can REALLY get rain. Fast and furious downpours mean that water can quickly build up and have nowhere to go if your drainage isn’t up to scratch. Discovering that your house is surrounded by a lake when a storm hits isn’t much fun.

Regularly clear our drainage channels that can easily get clogged up by dirt and leaf litter. A licensed plumber and drainer can also make sure that your drainage systems are effectively set up for your property and make recommendations if you regularly find that water is pooling next around your property. Left unchecked, water damage can quickly get out of hand, so taking some time to get your drainage right is worth it.

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