Asking ‘Why do my pipes groan?’ Jahli Plumbing has the answers

One of the common questions we hear from clients is ‘Why do my pipes groan?’ And for most clients, this issue is particularly frustrating at the noise is only apparent at night when the house is otherwise still and quiet.

The good news is that noisy water pipes are usually a problem that is quickly and easily addressed. In this post, we’ll take you through what causes your water pipes to knock, groan or whistle, as well as what you can do about it.

What causes noisy pipes

The most common reason for your pipes groaning, knocking or whistling is variable water pressure. Water pressure is essential to keep water flowing through your home, but when the air used to pressurise the pipes leaks, that’s when you get problems. When the air level drops, water moves suddenly through the pipes, creating noise as it moves through the supply line.

How to fix knocking pipes

The good news is that for most homes fixing knocking pipes is easy.

First, make sure that no-one in the house has just jumped in the shower! OK, now that we’ve got that out of the way, you’ll need to turn the water off at the mains. The next step is to flush the lines. To do this, open all the taps and flush the toilets to let the supply lines empty.

You can then slowly turn the water back on at the mains and allow the air chambers between and around your pipes to refill. If the pipes were fully emptied, the knocking sound should be completely gone.

Pipes still groaning, or can’t turn off your water supply?

If you’ve flushed your pipes and are still getting noise, or if you can’t turn off your water mains, it’s time to call out a plumber. Other causes of noisy pipes are water hammer from pipes not being secured properly, or your taps may need servicing and the washers replaced. For troublesome pipes that nothing else seems to fix, installing a hammer arrestor can help.

Jahli Plumbing services the northern beaches and can help to diagnose your noisy pipes problem and solve it efficiently. To book a call-out, phone Julian on 0406 008 985.

Prevention is better than cure

Build a regular flush of pipes into your home maintenance schedule to prevent noisy pipes in the future. It’s a simple task that should only take a few minutes but can save you from lying in bed at night wondering what on earth is causing that noise.

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